36 hours. $7000 on the line. What will you make?

March 19-21, 2021

DVHacks III is the third iteration of Dougherty Valley High School's premier hackathon. Year after year, we've maintained a standard of quality and excellence at our events, pushing our participants to make interesting, complex, and creative projects each time. With a year-by-year attendance increase of 150 people, we expect this to be the biggest, baddest DVHacks yet.


Yes - we realize every hackathon tells you to make whatever you want. But at the same time, most hackathons weight the market viability and community impact of your projects as well. Deviating from that norm, we aren't accounting for practicality in our rubric outside of the Social Good prize. By ignoring pragmatism, we truly want to see you come up with the most creative, technically complex projects you can and let your maker run free.


As most people have already realized, running an online hackathon reduces costs considerably. We've taken the costs we'd normally spend on our system for prizing is unique from that of other hackathons, but it's also what makes our hackathon worth attending! Check the about section for more information. In the meantime, this is what we'll be offering for anyone impressive enough to climb their way to the top of the heap.

In addition to whatever is listed below, we'll also send you a swag pack if you win any award :)

  • General Awards
    (awarded per-person)

    1st place $200 Visa Gift Card and 1 pick from the pool 2nd place $100 Visa Gift Card and 1 pick from the pool 3rd place $50 Visa Gift Card and 1 pick from the pool

  • Special Awards

    Best Mobile 1 pick from the pool per person Best Web 1 pick from the pool per person Best Hardware 1 pick from the pool per person Best Social Good 1 pick from the pool per person Best Beginner 1 pick from the pool per person

Learn more about the prize pool on the about page!


  • Laura

    Laura Drabik Chief Evangelist @ Guidewire

  • Zach

    Zach Latta CEO @ Hack Club



  • Introduction to Web Development

    This Introduction to Web Development will teach you the basics of Web Development. During this one hour session, we will go over HTML and CSS basics, as well as have a look into web design standards. Please keep in mind that this workshop is intended for beginner to intermediate level programmers.

Kyrylo Kyrylo Orlov Presenter


  • Introduction to Python At this Introduction to Python workshop, you will get a kickstart in Python and learn about the basics like variables, strings, statements and more. No software installation is necessary to learn at this workshop, all you need is your browser and an internet connection. As a final project for this workshop, we will make a random password generator with python.

Iqbal Iqbal Samin Prithul Presenter

  • Machine Learning: Recommenders In today’s era, machine learning algorithms that learn your tastes are more commonplace than ever. Netflix, Spotify, and YouTube, among many other websites, use recommended feeds to keep you engaged with their product and also provide you with content you will enjoy. In this workshop, we will learn to build a few different basic recommender algorithms in Python.

Shatayu Shatayu Kulkarni Presenter

  • Introduction to Chart.js At this workshop, attendees will use the Meteostat web API and Chart.js to create a weather graphing application. This is a beginner-oriented workshop that does not require any prerequisites other than the very basics of JavaScript, although participants will still be able to follow along if they are coming from a different programming language.

Shayan Shayan Halder Presenter

  • Machine Learning This workshop is an introduction to machine learning featuring a quickdraw emoji prediction project. All levels are welcome to join. We will be discussing what machine learning is and will implement the concepts into the workshop's featured project. We will also discuss the growth of machine learning, and how it affects our daily lives!

Aldrin Aldrin Brillante(Make School) Presenter


  • How much does it cost to attend? DVHacks is 100% free for all of its competitors! All you need is a working device to code on and communicate with us on, and you're off to the races :)

  • Who's eligible to compete? We're currently accommodating any students in grade 6-12. Due to the odd circumstances of COVID-19 last year, we'll also be opening registration to undergraduate freshmen.

  • What can I make? Anything! A website, app, game, hardware hack, you name it. Judges will rate projects on creativity, technical skill demonstrated, polish, and utility.

  • How do teams work? You’ll have an opportunity to meet fellow hackers and make teams of up to 4 — find some new friends, bring yours, or work alone. If you choose to make your own team, you can have up to (but not more than) 4 people.

  • Can I compete if I'm outside of the US? Internationals are allowed to compete! However note that if we end up wanting to ship you something, you may be on the hook for overseas shipping.

  • My question isn't on here... No problem! Feel free to email at info@dvhacks.tech, and we'll try to answer your inquiries at our earliest convenience.


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We're an event primarily organized by students from Dougherty Valley High School. Here's just a couple of the people that make DVHacks what it is!

  • Deeya

    Deeya Bodas Lead Director

  • Joy

    Joy Ying Sponsorship Director

  • Anirudh

    Anirudh Iyer Marketing Director

  • Rachit

    Rachit Bandaram Logistics Director